2 Timothy 2:15 Be Diligent to present yourself who appoved to God, a worker who does not beed ti be ashasemd, rightly divided the word of Truth (NKJ)
Above are some pictures of our teams, from Summit as well as preparing to drive up to Summit.
2024 Summit Update
We are so proud of our teams, at Summit, in lynchburg, VA

#1 in Christian Character and Witness
One Accord Community Church placed 6th overall out of 33 Teams
All 1st Time Summit Quizzers
All but, two 1st time ever Bible Quizzing!
TWO Gold Medal Teams!!!
Both Teams made it to the Gold Medial Round
Team One Accord 5th in 35 Volleyball teams
5th of 25 in AWANA Games competing with Kox Area AWANA